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DO NOT hire this company to help you in any way on crowdfunding or marketing services. You will be ripped off!

Especially from SHANE LIDDELL! True scammer! I have found out that all of their successful campaigns were by people that already have a marketing team so their success was due to very little help from Smart Crowdfunding! So do NOT hire them because they've told you they've raised millions.

That is a LIE! Not to mention the company doesn't even have what it takes to make a campaign successful. They have a very small team of 3 or 4 people (which are only working part time; maybe one/two days a week) and will you will end up doing their job over again because of poor quality. You MUST hire a bigger and better company to help you get the traction you need on your campaign because Smart Crowdfunding is a struggling company.

They may have cheap prices but you will get what you pay for! Shane is also a VERY rude individual. He acts like a child trying to pick arguments with you while also complaining to you about his other clients! YOUR MONEY WILL BE WASTED!

Shane will tell you basic crowdfunding techniques and that is it! He will promise a ton of traffic from his services but we did not receive a single contribution from anything they had done! We had a terrible experience so please help yourself now and hire a better crowdfunding specialist.

There are plenty of good ones out there so don't try to save your money with Smart Crowdfunding! It will be a total waste of your time!

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San Jose, California, United States #1244589

Another FAKE review posted by a LIAR! How can people tell?

For starters, you don’t offer any evidence that your claims are true, and you come across as very immature. Let’s analyze your obnoxious rant:

1. You don’t have a name, and hide behind anonymity. REAL reviews are posted for closure and in hopes of getting help from the company.

Perhaps a refund, or making the problem right. Anonymous reviews are usually false.

2. You claim to have run a crowdfunding campaign, but don’t have a crowdfunding link. Either you didn’t have a link to attach (because you are a liar) or you are scared that the people reading your rant will see the campaign page and see the real reason it failed.

Not all campaigns succeed, and there are hundreds of *** (and scam) campaigns on the market. Perhaps nobody liked your campaign…. IF in fact you really ran a campaign.

3. You make claims that they have a small office staff, but no validity to this claim.

You do realize that it is easy to prove how many people work for a company. Right? So that lie can easily be dismissed. Besides, what does office staff size matter?

I care more about experience, skill and dedication.

4. You claim they are “cheap” but their website quotes $10,000. That is not cheap by any means, unless you are rich. And if so, then why did you need money from the public to fund your campaign?

If that is cheap to you, then maybe you are a spoiled rich kid. It must hurt to know even your own parents don’t believe in you enough to give you the money for your idea. No wonder you had a tantrum on here.

Putting all of the evidence together, I am assuming you are either: 1. A competitor taking the sleazy route to success by trying to discredit your competition.

2. An ex-boyfriend/girlfriend who didn’t like being rejected. Or perhaps a wanna be boyfriend/girlfriend. How many times did you fall asleep looking at those images you attached?

You need to get over it and move on. I DID my due diligence, and can personally attest that you are a LIAR! What did I learn? 100% of the testimonials on their page are real.

Contact them yourself if you doubt me. And they all give rave reviews of the team, and Shane Liddell. I even contacted some of the campaigns on their site that didn’t leave testimonials, and on their FB page. I then did a quick google search for press releases by them and would you like to guess what I learned… you lied about that too.

Do you even have an ounce of integrity in you?????? Have you never learned the difference between the truth and a lie? The ONLY reason you posted your fake review on here is because you can’t post fake reviews on real sites. Sites like this are EXTORTION sites!

People like you make me sick and deserve the whole what goes around comes around thing. My ex-husband destroyed me by using this site hoping I would go back to him and let him keep using me as a punching bag. I had built a business from nothing, and made it a success, until HE decided to destroy my reputation. That is why people like you deserve all the bad karma and juju you have coming.

I hope your attempt to destroy a business with LIES and deception backfires, and it comes back to you tenfold as you watch your business fail!!

Zephyrhills, Florida, United States #1184931

Funny how this complaint was lodged by someone claiming to be in Edwards, California but was obviously written by the same person on this complaint who states they are from Castle Hill, Maine:


It's fairly clear to see who the real liar is here!

PS. The only reason we do not accept payments for consulting services via bank wire rather than Paypal is that if we did use Paypal for large payments, we'd incur over $300 in Paypal fees.

Please head over to our website and go through the process of paying for one of our $699 or $999 promo packages and you will see that there are no issues with Paypal and there never have been. We have used Paypal for the past 4 yrs and have never had any issue with them at all.

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